They say, equestrian sports in France are to be compared to the car industry in size of revenue. Alone in Paris there are five racecourses in operation. The most famous of these five, Longchamp holds up to fifty thousand spectators and the Prix del Arc de Triomphe, the most important race of the Fall is organized here. In the French capital the race is just as much a high society event  as a spectator sport. Like a standing reception – ladies in gowns and cocktail dresses with feathered hats, their escorts in long suits with bow ties. The awards for all the rounds sum up close to 6 million Euros here. Not only multinational firms but oil companies from Quatar are also present to ensure the proper conditions for the event. The main race, the 2400 meters derby was awarded four million Euros alone. Horse lovers all around the world, from Australia to Hong Kong, Kuwait to England all concentrate to the French Grand Prix on this weekend.