I was born in Budapest, 27th November in 1978.
After the high school graduate I continued my studies in Práter street the School of Photograpy from the year 1998 to 2000.
When I finished this school I got a job in a professional photolab, where I enlarged pics for exhibitions.
In 2004 I started to work for Hölgyvilág Magazine later I took photos for the Crossroad Cultural and Lifestyle Magazine and beside this job I’m working for other high prestige magazines.
As dealing with photos and taking photos, the previous years made me realize that I feel myself the best when I take portrait and social kind of photos.

2010: NPPA BOP 2010 Still Photo Winners Enterprise Picture Story (smaller markets) – Second Place
2010: József Pécsi Art Photography Scholarship (a yearly scholarship for the most talented young photographers)
2009: Hungarian Press Photo, Second Place in Daily Life stories category
2009: Photo District News – Travel Portrait category prize
2009: József Pécsi Art Photography Scholarship
2009: Axelspringer Press Contest – Photographer of the Year
2008: Axelspringer Press Contest – Photographer of the Year
2008: Príma Primisszima Junior Príma Prize
2008: Axelspringer Press Contest – Special Place
2007: Hungarian Press Photo, Márton Munkácsi Prize for the best collection
2007: Hungarian Press Photo, First Place in Portrait stories category
2007: Hungarian Press Photo, André Kertész Grand prize
2006: Hungarian Press Photo, Third Place in Art stories category
2006: Axelspringer Press Contest, First Place and Special Place
2005: Axelspringer Press Contest, First Place and Third Place